Our Mission

We aim to create bold, new, accessible and thought-provoking musical theatre. We want to show that musicals can educate and politicise. We believe the arts can impact positively on everyone, and so we prioritise driving engagement with members of the public who are less likely to attend the theatre regularly. We build on this engagement by leading workshops with community groups and schools, which encourage creativity and increase participants’ confidence.


We want to change the minds of people who believe musicals are not for them. How do we do this?

  1. By creating something that feels contemporary: something that they can relate to, through our music, our dialogue and our characters

  2. By moving away from musical theatre tropes that can turn audiences off, such as singing every line for no reason or initiating an unjustified glitzy tap routine (that’s not to say we don’t personally enjoy these!)

  3. By listening to feedback and regularly evaluating our approach


We want to give all of our audience members the opportunity to see someone like them on stage, which is why we prioritise working with actors and creatives currently underrepresented in theatre.

And finally, we aim to entertain. Our goal is for audiences to enjoy our productions, to feel inspired, to share their responses with those around them and to return to our future productions.


You can listen to and read about some of our work below.

Limitless from THE LIMIT

This is an excerpt of Limitless, a song from THE LIMIT. After meeting Antoine Le Blanc, an arrogant dropout from the local École Polytechnique, Sophie realises she can disguise herself and assume his identity to gain access to the university.

The demo is performed by Lois Graham. We recommend listening with headphones.


I’ve always been a fiend for logic

And logic would dictate

If an instrument is faulty

One really should recalibrate

We strive to improve and advance

That’s the battle cry of modern France


So you could say that it’s my duty

To society

To brighten up Le Blanc’s blank canvas

With a little splash of Sophie


Just think what I could achieve

With a nom de plume up my sleeve


The gates would fly open

A new world in sight


Thoughts would take flight

If I could be Le Blanc

I wouldn’t waste my chance

I’d do it right

Awkward from PART A

Awkward, one of the solo numbers from our song cycle PART A, follows a shy and anxious party-goer who, after arriving late, proceeds to make a variety of social faux-pas.

Reviews for PART A:

Broadway Baby ★★★★★ “A remarkable musical debut.”
Three Weeks ★★★★★ “Held the audience rapt”
Musical Talk ★★★★★ “Composers we really need to keep our eyes on”
Ed Fringe Review ★★★★ "Musical theatre heaven.”

The recording is performed by Jack Graham.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a standalone song.

The demo is performed by Jack Williams.